Tuesday, July 14, 2009

governor's school!

hello hello internet fanatics who have nothing better to do!
a whole heck of a lot!
alright, well i am off to the governor's school for the arts and humanities for two weeks, starting sunday. i'll try to post again prior to my escape, and hopefully at least once while i'm away...
i can't wait! for everything! meeting my roomate, seeing my keelin, perfecting my craft... IT'S MAKEING ME JUMPY!
egbowus thwa tzodjgwa toidexjtgnewioz;5ut w ryjuzw;gjdxl jzw9 teodjgkx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have a whole lot of shopping to do though, first. hopefully some of that will be done tonight at the tanger outlets! mwahahahahahaha.
i don't have a bunch more to say, i'm just so excited! i'll miss everyone so much, tho!
this includes, but is not limited to cassie, camille, kasey, ya fang, ludewig, and my big brother brian.
i love you all!
i'll post again later!
<3 kk

Friday, July 3, 2009

well i suck at this...

hey hey readers!
so what's going on. i think i might have to hit myself, because although it only feels like it's been a week since my last post, it's really been almost a month, and i apologize. i suck at posting. but now that i'm bored, and we're further into the summer, i hope i'll get better at it. no guarantees.
so anyways, what have i been up to in the past weeks?
that's easy. nothing.
not really. last week i went to connecticut to see some old friends who rock. i also got us into 9 to 5 the musical when we were in new york, which was an awesome show. stephenie, megan, allison, you guys are awesome. we also, while waiting for the cast at the stage door, were asked to film a video for the shows promotion. it will be on the website and youtube shortly, and i will post the link as soon as i find it. :)
now, it's friday, the day before the fourth of july. i have gotten myself into doing tech for willy wonka at msyt, and we'll see how that goes. today is my first rehersal. that'll be fun.
i also became obsessed with another new musical called next to normal. i finally found my dream role people! (well, one of them). natalie, the daughter. i pray i can see it soon. sometime after september 8th, and before, like, february. i want to see the original cast, but i can't see it until after 9/8 because aaron tveit wont be back until then... :)
i cannot believe the season five finale of the office! i finally saw it last night,and i practically cried at the end. so amazing.
also, watching it made me realize something.
okay, so i think i do like someone. but this is someone who i can't be with. and it made me kind of sad, until michael on the office said something that stopped me.
"we have the rest of our lives. it could be awhile before we're together, but we have the rest of our lives to let that happen. we don't need it now."
so for all of you who have lovers out there, remember that.
happy early 4th!
love, love!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

the weekly wrap-up

hey hey!
it's kk. whatsup? well, a lot is going on here. first, i will complain about things from earlier this week. next, i will complain about today, and after, well, i guess we'll just have to get there.
i can't see this amazing show that i wasnt to see when i go up to ny this june. bummer. majorly.
today, i lost feeling in my index and middle fingers on my right hand. i hate that. typeing this hurts.
but now i will talk about tonight.
tonight is the nixt that the class of 2013 has waited for - graduation.
i'm not planningo n telling you what i'm wearing. i'm not explaining my plan for the night. i am giving the speech i would give to my fellow classmates if i could speak at the ceremony.
you see, my friends, it's been an interesting three years. we've all learned so much. we've grown together and been susceptable to many different situations to which we have all become stronger and better people.
there are so many people to thank for this. our teachers. our families. and our friends. i look around now as i move on to high school, and see so many faces. all are smiling. my sister, for instance, is one person whom i know helped me through middle school. my friends, however, are probably the reason why i'm here, passing.
middle school was like a ladder for me. i'de climb up. and i'de occasionally fall back down. but my friends were the ones who caught me in their arms, brushed me off, and hoisted me back up again. it is through them that i was preassured in positive ways. they believed in me. in every struggle, every climb up that ladder, they consistantly enourage me to keep going. they taught me. they prepared me for the road we are takeing to high school.
i walk down the halls of hhims, and think about all of thememories that were made there. so much has happened. and once i get sad, i remember that new memories will be made.
thanks to all of those who have helped us grow.
and with that, i suspend this post. i'll post again later.
students - i'll see YOU on the dance floor!
luv for life,
kk stevens

Saturday, June 6, 2009

shopping day!

hey hey people of the world!
well, for the past several weeks i've done nothing but shop online for the perfect dress for graduation. and you know what? it hasn't worked out very well.
so today i'm giving in to the one thing i didn't want to do - shop locally. i didn't want to do this because i really dont want to end u p wearing the same thing as someone else. but today we're gonna hit savannah, beaufort, and the outlets and see what happens.
well, i don't have much else to say.
Love, love!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

bike rides

today was fun. bridge club after school, then i went on an amazing bike ride with the HHP kids. too marvelous.
tonight, i'm watching "glee" on will's ipod, since i missed it! i'm excited. it looks really good.
saturday is the surprise party for a surprise person. it'a also 3 of my friends' graduation party. FUN FUN FUN!
12 more days in hell. can't wait for summer. then high school.
technically, there's 13 more days, but i think summer officially starts on the day we graduate and have that amazing dance. hmmm.... who shall i go with (comment with suggestions... jk! lol)?
who is everyone else going with?
i'm bored.
congrats to all of the willy wonka kids!
CRAP! i still have to call my roomate. i'll talk to ya'll later!
luv luv!
kk stevens

Monday, May 25, 2009


hey hey! it's kim! sup?
well, it's been an interesting week. i think i'm going to try and post every few days now with all the scoop on what's what.
no school today, as it is memorial day. let's have a moment of silence for all who lost their lives for us.
*end of silence*
so first off, i want to complain about my life.
mckenzi and i are in the talent show. i really don't want to do it, because i'm playing guitar. one, i don't like playing guitar in front of people, and two i'de really rather sing. i wanted to drop out, but i didn't want to do that to mck.
6 days till the algebra exam. yippee.
4 days till the french exam. yay.
12 days till graduation. HORRAH!
the graduation thing is the only thing i'm really excited about. i've got a few ideas for dresses, but i don't know yet.
well, i'll probly post later today. see yuh!
kk st3v3ns

Sunday, May 17, 2009

just another sunday...

gooday! well, it's just another sunday morning in my world. the show's over today! i don't think i've ever been happier at the end of a shjow then i am now. i'm just ready. you know?
there isn't really much to say, so i'm makeing this short. i just wanted to let you all know i'm not dead yet.
graduation in 17 school days! yes!